Why Tina’s Dance Academy

Tina’s Dance Academy provides professional dance instruction for children of all ages in a family-friendly environment.

See what our amazing dance family has to say:

***I LOVE TDA! The staff is absolutely amazing, and Tina has a heart of gold! My 4 year old is extremely shy, and didn’t really participate at first. The staff never pushed her and let her dance on her own terms. Now she absolutely love it, and I thank TDA for helping in getting her to come out of her shell. My other 2 girls learned so much in one year (more than my oldest learned in 3 years at another studio). I highly recommend this studio, and thank the staff! You guys are amazing!  Ms. Rowe

***My daughter has been dancing here for a year. She loves it and she’s doing great. Love the staff. Tina is the Best!!! I was very impressed with the recital last year!!!  Ms.Jones

***My daughter looks forward to this all week. Excellent company with great employees who really encourage the girls.  Ms. Marvel

***This is our second year with TDA and we love it. My daughter went to a different dance studio a few years ago and absolutely hated it and didn’t want to do dance anymore. We had a sample class at TDA and my daughter fell in love with dance. All the teachers are amazing with the kids and Tina is absolutely awesome. Ms.Lamoreaux

***Tina’s dance academy is the only dance school since leaving NYC which I find to be up to par with the best. Her instructors are wonderful and she herself is a phenomenal and amazing woman, teacher and person. I trust very few people with my most prized possessions…my daughters. And I trust her implicitly with them. Thank you for the last 3 years! Ms.Charlemagne

***Both my daughters have/still dances at Tina’s for over 20 years. Tina is beyond amazing with these girls. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Ms.Collinsworth

***We love Ms. Tina! I couldn’t imagine having my daughter dance anywhere else. Ms.Pannell

***Love Miss Tina and the example she is to our girls. Ms.Dahmer

***Definitely the best of the best instructors! Love Miss Tina and her team  Ms.Fleming

***My daughter has become an amazing dancer because of Miss Tina, Miss Kristen, and all of the other amazing teachers/dancers! I highly recommend it to all new dancers and dancers that want to progress further than they are now. Ms.DeSario

***Love Miss Tina and her team! My girls started dancing at TDA 6 years ago and I can truly say I adore Miss Tina she has a wonderful heart and she cares about her dancers. Teamwork, good character and hard work is what she instills in her students at every opportunity. Ms.Cox

***My daughter’s started Tina’s last year, and they are amazing with my girls! I wanted my girls to experience dance, but to enjoy it and not compete. I have attended dance schools where, if you were not on the competition team, you got treated completely different. Tina’s does not do this, these girls are like family to them, and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers! Ms.Whitten

***Ms. Tina works really well with her students, and always encourages them to make good choices. She is never to stern or rough with the girls, very gentle and soft spoken. We absolutely love her. My other two girls will definitely be joining Ms. Tina’s dance group when they get older. Ms.Sanabria